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Wall of Honor

About the Wall of Honor

The Wall of Honor, located in Arbor Park (Main Street), is used to recognize deserving citizens for exceptional contributions to the Town of Ellington. If you wish to nominate a candidate for this honor, either contact the First Selectman's Office at 860-870-3100 for a copy of the policy and application or download the Ellington Wall of Honor Policy and Application (PDF). You can also apply online here.

The submission deadline is July 1.

Please note that if you submitted an application in the previous 3 years, it will be included in the pool of current candidates. The Board of Selectmen Policies Committee will review the applications and recommend a recipient to the Board of Selectmen at their July meeting. The recipient's name will be engraved on the Wall of Honor and unveiled at a public ceremony in September, prior to the Fire Department's parade. 

Robert Tedford, 2020 Wall of Honor Inductee
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Name of Inductee
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Inscription On Wall Date Inducted
Nellie E. McKnight (PDF) 1894-1981
Educator, Librarian, Historian

September 8, 2001
John B. DeCarli (PDF) 1885-1935
EVFD Charter member, Captain,
Town Constable 1915-1935
Killed in the Line of Duty

September 8, 2001
Earl A. Rich (PDF) 1921-1993
Crystal Lake Fire Fighter
Public Servant

September 7, 2002
John G. Turner (PDF) 1920-1968
Volunteer Fire Fighter
Died in the Line of Duty

September 6, 2003
Charles and Emma Batz (PDF) Charles Batz 1894-1992
Emma Batz 1907-1996
Gift of Nature Preserve - 45 Acres
Public Servants

September 11, 2004
Mildred Arens Dimock (PDF) Over 60 Years of Exemplary
Community Service

September 10, 2005
Everett C. Paluska (PDF) 1924-2001
Many Years of Service & Outstanding
Contributions to the Town

September 9, 2006
Leonard (Len) A. Johnson (PDF) Visionary Leader and Tireless Worker
for our Community, Youth and Military

September 8, 2007
Dorothy Block Cohen (PDF) 1917-2005
Pioneer in the Field of Local History
Town Historian

September 6, 2008
Nancy O. Way (PDF) 1940-2006
Devoted Public Servant
Dedicated & Caring Citizen

September 12, 2009
Edna T. Edwards (PDF) 1909-1998
Extraordinary Public Servant
Well Beyond the Call of Duty

September 11, 2010
No Citizens Were Named to the Wall of Honor 2011
Homer R. Peckham (PDF) 50+ Years of Activism in Preserving
Ellington's History & Beauty

September 7, 2013

Rachel Lee Wheeler-Rossow (PDF)
Life of Public Service and Example of
Truly Exceptional Humanitarian Work

September 6, 2014
No citizens were named to the Wall of Honor 2015
 Alfred E. Schindler Distinguished Surveyor, Mentor,
Contributor of Ellington's History Through Mapping,
Cartographer of the Historic Proprietor's Map
 September 10, 2016
Yale Cantor Dedicated, Selfless, Strong Community Servant
Role Model, Mentor, Inspiring Others to Serve
Life of Unparalleled Commitment to Ellington
September 9, 2017
Sherwood Merk A Developer of Ellington Rescue Post 512
30 Years Service to Ellington Vol Amb Corps
Mentor to Ellington's Youth
September 8, 2018
Bill & Cathy Greene Crystal Lake Food Pantry Coordinators
20 Years of Dedication to Ensuring That Local
Residents Would Not Go Hungry
September 7, 2019
Exemplary Mentor, Devoted Coach, Steadfast Spirit
Over 40 Years of Dedicated Service
Sportsmanship Personified
September 12, 2020