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Inland Wetlands Agency

The Inland Wetlands Agency (IWA) is responsible for protecting inland wetlands and watercourses. Wetlands are defined by state law, and include certain soils that are poorly drained, very poorly drained, alluvial, and floodplain. Depending upon the location of the resource, the IWA regulates areas either 100 feet or 250 feet "upland" of these resources, as well as "direct" impacts to wetlands and watercourses. The IWA does this via permits for "regulated activities" and through enforcement of the regulations by field inspections, cease and desist orders, and if necessary, by fines.

 Members are appointed to 4-year terms. Alternates serve 2-year terms.

Regulations, Application Form, Guides & Other Info

Use the "IWA" tab on the linked page to find information specific to the Inland Wetlands Agency

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