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Committee for the Robert Tedford Memorial (Ad Hoc)

This Committee was established in April 2019 for the purpose of reviewing and making recommendations to the Board of Selectmen for a proper memorial in honor of long-time Recreation Director Robert Tedford. As a result of this Committee's hard work and dedication, Brookside Park was renamed to the Robert Tedford Memorial Park; a bench jointly honoring Mr. Tedford and long-time Finance Officer Nicholas J. DiCorleto, Jr. is also planned for installation at Arbor Park. Plaques to mark Mr. Tedford's impact on youth athletes in Town will be installed in select school gymnasiums, as well. 

 Members of the Committee
  • Dustin Huguenin, Recreation Director
  • Timothy Webb, Public Works Director
  • Felicia LaPlante, Acting Finance Officer
  • Lisa Houlihan, Town Planner
  • Sherry Kraus, Parks & Recreation Commission Member
  • Thomas C. Boscarino, Parks & Recreation Commission Member
  • Joanne Tedford, Wife of Robert Tedford
  • Kate Tedford, Daughter of Robert Tedford