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Ethics Commission

Members are appointed to four-year terms; no Ethics Commission member shall:

  • hold or campaign for any Town public office, paid or unpaid, during their term;
  • be a person subject to the Code, with the exception of a person who serves solely as an Ad-Hoc committee member;
  • be a principle party under any contract doing business with the Town; 
  • receive any compensation for serving on the Commission, either directly or indirectly; 
  • have been a person subject to the Code for a period of one (1) year prior to appointment to the Ethics Commission;
  • have been found in violation of any state, municipal or professional Code of Ethics within the past seven (7) years;
  • participate in any Ethics Commission probable cause review, evaluation or hearing, including the decision and voting process, that involves an immediate family member or the supervisor/employer of that family member;
  • be a member of a Town Political Committee; 
  • serve on the Ethics Commission for more than two (2) consecutive four (4) year terms.