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Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission focuses on conservation planning, which includes planning for open space and preservation of farmland.  The Conservation Commission is advisory and does not issue permits for development; rather, its members make recommendations to the Planning and Zoning Commission, Board of Selectmen, and others regarding planned open spaces, farmland preservation, and similar initiatives. The Commission's mission is to preserve the rural character of Ellington by acquisition and protection of open space, farmland, forests, lakes, and streams.


FARMLAND PRESERVATION PROGRAM - Since Ellington electors authorized a 2-million-dollar farmland bond in 2007, the Town has partnered with state and federal agencies to permanently protect over 630 acres of farmland. Farmland preservation secures food and fiber producing soils, protects community character, and stabilizes taxes. The farmland preservation program is voluntary, and in exchange for compensation of development rights a farmland easement is placed on the land.  Preserved property may lay fallow, be sold, inherited, or transferred, but the development restriction continues in perpetuity. Compensation of development rights is the monetary difference between the underlying zoning development value and the current agricultural land value.

To learn more or seek assistance with applying for farmland preservation, please contact the Town Planner at 860-870-3120,, or visit the Town Hall Annex at 57 Main Street during regular office hours.  

Farmland Preservation Brochure

The Commission is dedicated to conserving Ellington’s Natural Resources.  One of the most important natural resources is water supply. The Commission works with the Connecticut Water Company to help promote protection of the local water supply. According to Connecticut Water, during summer months watering yards can account for 50% of total water use.  Simple steps can be taken in everyday outdoor life to significantly reduce water consumption.  See attached for helpful tips.

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