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Welcome to the Town of Ellington


Ellington Human Services does not provide housing or manage housing sites.  Although, we can provide you with housing resources based on your situation.  Please call us for more information or read below for some of the available resources.

Senior/Disabled subsidized housing in Ellington

Persons who are elderly or disabled are eligible for apply for housing at Snipsic Village.  This is the only subsidized housing site for senior or disabled persons..  For more information please contact them at 860-872-6923.

For other senior/disabled subsidized housing in the area please contact us for a list.

Single/Family subsidized housing

Ellington does not have a single/family subsidized housing site.  Please contact us for a list of sites in surrounding Towns.

Fair Housing

Section 8 and other affordable housing listings

Go to or to see Section 8 openings and other affordable housing listings.  The Vernon Housing Authority administers Section 8 for Ellington.  Please contact them for more information - 860-871-0886.

Rent or Mortgage Assistance

Human Services provides one-time, limited monetary assistance for residents renting or owning in Ellington who have had an emergency situation.  Persons in need will have to provide proof that their income is high enough to sustain living in their apartment or home, as well as, our limited assistance will need to make you current with your rent or mortgage.  We will also need to contact your landlord or mortgage holder to verify your status, as well as have them complete forms.  We will not provide assistance if you have already received a notice to quit, eviction, foreclosure or ejection letter. Funds are limited and based on availability. 

Homeless/Shelters - Need help Right Now? Dial 2-1-1                                                        

Anyone seeking shelter in Connecticut must connect directly with 2-1-1 to receive help. If you contact CCEH or any other shelter in the state, you will be referred back to 2-1-1 as it is the first step in getting housing. If you are outside of Connecticut or have a problem using the 2-1-1-number, dial 1-800-203-1234.

There are no emergency housing sites - shelters are currently the only option available for people who need a place to live.

Residential Housing Options for Older Adults