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July 4th - Independence Day


History of July 4th (History Channel)

Independence Day and Immigration (Global Citizen)

Excerpts from Global Citizen:

There are a lot of myths that depict immigrants as a monolithic group that threaten the American way of life.

Myth 1: Immigrants increase crime.

As more immigrants arrive in a city in the US, violent crime goes down.

Myth 2: Immigrants steal jobs.

Research has shown that immigrants do not take jobs from US citizens and do not exert negative pressure on overall wages. Instead, they expand the US economy.

Myth 3: Undocumented immigrants drain government programs

Undocumented immigrants generally pay taxes and are forbidden from accessing most welfare programs. They are, however, allowed to go to emergency rooms (and pay for the services), send their children to public schools, and single mothers are allowed to collect food stamps because their unborn babies are considered US citizens.

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