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Permit - Erect Tent on Property

Please note that the Building Dept. has very specific requirements regarding application for a permit to erect a tent.  Not all tents require permits, but many small tents do while, at the same time, do not require any action from this department.  It is best that you begin your inquiry at the Building Dept.  For any tent having a capacity for 100 or more persons or covering a ground area of more than 1,200 s.f. the Dept. of Town Fire Marshal enforces very comprehensive code requirements as a part of the Building Dept. permit approval process.   This requires examination of construction and site plans, tent panel certifications, and a detailed written explanation of all aspects of the event being considered.  Tents are exempt from the Fire Marshal’s portion of the regulations when erected on the grounds of single and two-family dwellings for private party purposes, provided no admission fees are charged.