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2022 Grand List

Assessor's Report

The Assessment Department's primary responsibility is to value for tax purposes all property, both taxable and tax exempt located within the Town of Ellington.  The Grand List is the primary source of revenue for the Town and is the culmination of a year's worth of work performed by the Assessment staff in the valuation of the Town tax base. The change in the Grand List totals represent the value of Real Property §12-64, Personal Property §12-62, and Motor Vehicles §12-71 as realized each year as of October 1.

2022 Grand List Totals as of October 1, 2022:

Prior to adjustments by the Board of Assessment appeals

  Gross Assessments Exemptions Net Assessments % Change from 2021
Real Estate $1,296,041,980 $12,325,040 $1,283,716,940 00.05%
Personal Property $101,769,160 $24,754,820 $77,014,340 (01.91%)
Motor Vehicle $209,786,780 $2,769,700 $207,017,080 05.48%
TOTAL $1,607,597,920 $125,251,190 $1,567,748,360 00.63%


The 2022 Taxable Net Grand List is $1,567,748,360. This is an overall increase of $9,865,010 or 0.63% when compared to the 2021 Grand List. The Real Estate portion of the Grand List increased by $614,250 or 0.05%. The Personal Property list decreased by $1,501,620 or 1.91% and the Motor Vehicle list increased by $10,752,380 or 5.48%.