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Duties & Responsibilities

Lori Spielman has served as First Selectman since 2015.  The First Selectmen is elected every two years and serves as the town's chief elected official and CEO.  The First Selectman is compensated as a part-time employee of the town and is generally available at Town Hall Monday thru Wednesday each week.  As an elected official, the First Selectman generally represents the town at state, regional and community meetings as well as after hours event and community gatherings.

Under the direction of the First Selectman, the Town Administrator oversees the day-to-day operations of the Town.

For information about employment opportunities with the Town of Ellington or employee benefits, please visit the Human Resources page.

To contact our administrative offices, please call 860-870-3100.

Lori Spielman

First Selectman

Matthew Reed

Town Administrator

LouAnn Cannella

Human Resources Coordinator

Julia Connor

Executive Assistant, Administration Office, Communications Coordinator

Rebecca Einsiedel

Administrative Assistant, Administration Office, Recording Secretary

Carolyn Kidney

Administrative Assistant, DPW