Emergency Management

About the Office

Located at the Town Hall, the Office of Emergency Management is responsible for the review of and adjustments to the Town Emergency Plan as filed with the State Office of Emergency Management. The Emergency Management Director receives and disseminates information from the State Office of Emergency Management concerning impending emergencies, such as severe weather, terrorism alerts, and other situations that may affect the Town of Ellington and its citizens.

2020 Emergency Management Advisory Council Meeting Schedule

Veterans' Affairs

Mr. Palombizio also serves as the Town of Ellington's Municipal Veteran Representative.  Please contact Mr. Palombizio if you have any questions or need assistance.  He has set up a page dedicated to veterans.  Please click here for access to this page.

Community Emergency Response Team

Volunteers are wanted for the Community Emergency Response Team. View the Wanted Brochure (PDF) for more information.

CERT Application for Membership
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Community Emergency Response Team members
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Eversource Safety Tips

Please review these safety tips from Eversource

Connecticut Terrorism Tips Hotline

Call 866-HLS-TIPS (866-457-8477) to report a tip or view the Terrorism Tips Poster (PNG) for more information.

Disaster Preparedness for Home & Community

Recent natural disasters has led the Capitol Region of Governments of Connecticut to create a website designed to educate people how to be aware, plan, and prepare for natural and man-made disasters. This website can help you learn about hazards that threaten our community, help you make plans to reunite, communicate, take shelter or evacuate with your family in the event of a disaster, or learn how to assemble and store an emergency kit.