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Posted on: January 9, 2018

Snow Removal Reminder - Fire Hydrants


A Message from the Ellington Fire Marshal

In the winter months, it’s especially important to be conscious of how snow-covered fire hydrants can delay fire services, costing crucial seconds or minutes that can mean the difference between saving a structure and its inhabitants and not doing so.

A hydrant needs about a foot of space below its connections and another two feet of space all around it. This space allows fire fighters to attach hoses to the outlets and rotate the hydrant wrench.

 Local fire pumpers hold about five minutes’ worth of water when utilized at capacity.  When that is used up, hydrants take on an important role, as every passing second allows a fire to grow.  Additional pumpers will augment that water supply, but within minutes a constant hydrant supply becomes crucial.

While property owners in Ellington are legally obligated to clear their sidewalks, no such regulations govern the clearing of hydrants. It’s important, then, that private citizens do their part by clearing snow away from hydrants in a timely manner.

Please don’t continually leave it, storm after storm, year after year, to the property owner (many whom are elderly) residing behind that hydrant.  Many hundreds of people enjoy protection from that single hydrant.  Help out! The work of just a few minutes might later prove to be vital to the safety of you or your neighbors!

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