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Covid 19 Announcement for Planning Department
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The Planning Department provides technical and administrative support to the Planning and Zoning Commission, Inland Wetland Agency, Zoning Board of Appeals, Conservation Commission, Economic Development Commission, and Design Review Board.  Planning staff assists citizens, businesses, government officials, design professionals, developers and the general public with an array of land use inquiries, permit requirement questions, and compliance activities associated with zoning, subdivision, and wetlands regulations. The Planning Department directs long-range planning, open space and farmland preservation, and helps to develop and maintain town mapping. 

Staff is available by phone, in-person or email to assistance with permit application requirements, application deadlines, decision time frames and other land use inquiries.  For applications requiring cross-departmental review (e.g. health, engineering, zoning, building, public works, etc.), Planning Department staff can arrange a coordinated meeting for applicants to review potential/current applications with a group of staff at one time. Please contact the Ellington Planning Department for more information or to schedule a meeting with the Coordination Committee.  Please note that Coordination Committee meetings are generally held on Thursdays during Town Hall hours, but other times may be arranged.

A Plan of Conservation and Development (Plan) is an advisory document that provides a framework of consistent decision making for certain conservation and development activities for a 10 year period.

A link to an electronic copy of the 2019 approved Plan is provided below.  Hardcopies of the Plan are available to view or purchase at the Town Planner’s Office, 57 Main Street, Ellington, CT.

Backyard Poultry Compliance Form In 2016, the Ellington Planning and Zoning Commission approved amendments to the Ellington Zoning Regulations to allow the keeping of backyard poultry on certain properties that are at least 20,000 square feet; prior to 2016, keeping of chickens required a property to be 3 acres or larger. The regulations include additional standards and require owners of backyard poultry to fill out this form and provide it to the Ellington Planning Department.

If you have any questions or need assistance with completing the registration form, please contact the Ellington Planning Department at 860-870-3120.