Public Works

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Duties & Responsibilities

It is the duty of the Department of Public Works to:
  • Maintain, repair, clean and remove snow from all public town streets;
  • Maintain and operate storm sewers and other drains
  • Care for and maintain all town buildings other than those under the jurisdiction of the Board of Education
  • Prepare or supervise the preparation of plans and specifications for the construction or reconstruction of streets, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, storm sewers, drains, public buildings and other structures and construct or supervise the construction of the same
  • Care for parks, grassed areas in streets and public grounds, including athletic fields under the jurisdiction of the Board of Education and the Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Plant and care for trees within the street line
  • Maintain the facilities and grounds which come under the jurisdiction of the Water Pollution Control Facility
  • Handle the Town's garbage and recycling program

Plans & Projects

Ellington congratulates Department of Public Works recent UConn CT Technology Transfer Center Graduates.

Pictured: left to right - Josh Hebert [Road Master Program]; Taylor Olson [Transportation Leadership Program]; Spencer Hutchinson and Phillip Kidney [Public Works Academy]. Nice job!!

UCONN T2 Graduates 11.2018