2015 Grand List

Updated List

The Grand List is the primary source of revenue for the Town and is the culmination of a year's worth of work performed by the Assessment staff in the valuation of the Town tax base. The change in the Grand List totals represent the value of Real Property, Personal Property, and Motor Vehicles as realized each year as of October 1.


The factors that affect the bottom line are:
  • The total amount of assets that have been added or subtracted to each classification
  • Our ability to detect and accurately value these assets
Simply put, it is our task to discover, list, and value all taxable and tax-exempt property in our jurisdiction as of October 1 of each year.


  • The Taxable Net Grand List for 2015 is $1,328,274,057. This is an overall increase of $16,749,768 or 1.28% when compared to the 2014 Grand List.
  • The Real Estate portion of the Grand List increased $10,558,797or .93%.
  • The Personal Property list increased by $534,884 or 1.17% and the Motor Vehicle list increased by $5,656,087 or 4.54%.