Animal Control

The Animal Control Department is experiencing some temporary  difficulty with one of the phone lines.  If you need to get in touch, please call (860) 870-3156. Thank you.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Animal Control Department makes every effort to ensure that all functions of this department and the operation of the facility are carried out in the most economical manner with cost savings in mind, while providing the highest degree of professional service to the townspeople. The Animal Control officers provide assistance to the community so that animals and people can co-exist safely and peacefully. The Animal Control Department is also responsible for the enforcement of State laws pertaining to animals.

Call 860-870-3155 or 860-870-3156 to make an appointment with the Animal Control Officer

Responding to Complaints

This department responds to complaints of violations of Animal Control laws by telephone or police dispatch. The officers also investigate complaints of vicious, diseased, neglected or abused animals as well as picking up stray and roaming dogs.

Impounded & Unclaimed Animals

Impounded animals are cared for at the animal control facility by the officers. Unclaimed animals are carefully evaluated before being placed for adoption.

Unlicensed Animals

Following the month of June, when all dog owners must renew their dog licenses, a search for unlicensed dogs begins.


The officers are available to assist the public or the police with any animal emergency. For emergency calls, contact the Resident Troopers Office at 860-875-1522. The Animal Control Officer On-Call will be contacted by beeper. Emergency calls consist of:
  • Injured animals
  • Animal bites
  • Dog damage to livestock or personal property
  • Wildlife that has had contact with people or pets or is suspect of having rabies

Wildlife Information

Visit the State of CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to learn about State efforts toward Wildlife preservation.  Nuisance wildlife calls are handled through the State D.E.P. Wildlife Division and they can be reached at 860-424-3000 or on their website.